Hello everyone!

We are Maki and Ray.

We made this blog to share little stories of our life with our friends and family and others - so we are glad you have visited!

We used to live in San Francisco, USA - and now we live in Yokohama, Japan. Ray is American and Maki is Japanese - we enjoy exploring our cultural differences and similarities how that colors our view of the world around us. We hope to share some of this here with you.

We love to listen to music, and enjoy wine, and taking pictures. We design and make websites (like this one!). We love food, both cooking it ourselves and tasting at various resturants whenever we can.

For anyone stumbling upon this site, we hope you will find something here that amuzes or entertains you! Please leave a comment on any of our blogs or use the "We Love Comments" on the right!

We will be blogging about all these things of which we are passionate. We hope our family and friends and "kindred spirits" will all enjoy our blog!

Thanks for reading!

Maki & Ray